Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today we celebrate!

Today we celebrate! My little girl is 4! She is my little inspirer and creator herself. She loves paint, glue, pancils, clay, now she is learning how to sew. Here she is last spring.

 Also, she loves books and puzzles, I got her one for birthday. She blew candles and ate cake this morning, still wearing her pajamas.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New elephant brooches. Need new camera badly.

Yesterday my husband was my model and posed for me with my brand new Elephant Brooch. I loved that little photo shoot, although I think our old pink digital camera need rest and we need new one. I did some photos of other elephant brooches today and I'm tired of trying to find perfect light, angle, etc.  We really need new camera.
And what about elephants, I love making them very much :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Craft space real view

This Sunday I'd like to share some links, from other blogs and some photos too. Have you ever thought about your work space and how it influence your work? I did. I always wondered how those creative persons who has such wonderful creative spaces work?? Do they put things in their places immediately after doing something with it? Or they clean up just for photo-shoot? I don't know. But I like to watch those beautiful work corners or even work rooms, where everything has it's place. I know, my lovely husband would like my all items being in their places, but...
Lara, from kirin notebook shared her thoughts about contrasts what you see in  photos and how it is in real life. After reading this, I found, that other bloggers shared their minds and photos of their creative spaces. In Pocket carnival you can read about and see their real studio. And Dolls and daydreams shared their studio photos.
These posts was real inspiration for me. You know, I do have work room, as they call it, but it is connected with our living room and I can't shut the door to be in my mess... Although I do not keep it clean and my work table is always in mess, because I'm always creating something and I really need all my stuff :) Take a look at my working space.

Elephants, paint, doll and yes, you are right - little tomatoes and cucumbers!
Share your craft space!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reusing old fabrics and upcycling

To begin with I 'd like to tell you, how once, when I was new in all crafts and creations I was buying a sewing machine. Being  chatty kind of person I like to talk to people everywhere I can and about everything. So, when I was buying sewing machine, we talked with owner of the shop about creating things. And she told me, that quality crafts only can be made from new materials, because you can't make nice stuff from old skirt.
Oh my, how long I believed in what she said! Until I started my friendship with art dolls. For dolls dressing I use fabrics in small patterns. Interesting materials and lots of them I find in second hand stores or in my children wardrobe. Have you ever noticed how beautiful little girls dresses are!
For example a lot of various fabrics I used in my art doll Mew
If you are interested I can tell you that for her I used fabrics from skirt, three blouses, shawl. Of course I used new materials too, but in my opinion a lot of charm and spirit of doll comes from those used things I use for them. Old silk ties suits very well too.
When I started this post (early in the morning, actually. And now it's afternoon) I decided to go deeper and to read about upcycling. Wikipedia has very interesting article called Upcycling. And of course you can go to Etsy and look there for upcycled items. For me it's getting more and more interesting, I'll look for some more information about this, because i feel that this theme is very interesting for me.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Do what you love to do

I've started using this saying and today I'm really doing what I love to do - sewing elephant brooches.

Not so long ago I realized that art dolls are not the only thing I'd like to create. When I discovered that I'm capable to do small items and I like them and I love making them Ii became very happy.
I didn't forget my dolls two is on their way.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

We love Teddy Bears

Today I'd like to tell about bears. My little ones daughter and son love bears, we have fabulous book by Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram about bear family You're All My Favorites 
I love collectible Teddy Bears, I don't have any, but it's never too late to adopt one. Here in Lithuania we have fabulous collectible Teddy Bears creators.
From all this sympathy for bears I created my own little and even wearable bears. They turned out to brooches, rings and necklaces and I'm not going to stop and more bears are coming soon.

In one of many articles I red about selling on Etsy was idea about creating and selling items you like. Now I like bears. Very much. And elephants too!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Improving my blog

I am a blogger about 6 years now. First I had a blog where I wrote about my everyday life, troubles in finding real love, university, etc. Then there was a short break and I started my home and family blog Namie it means At home. I like to write about my children, house improvement, dog and cat, garden and so on. And this January  I've decided to separate my creations, dolls, and other little things and to write about them more often. Also I'd like to write about how I'm running my ETSY shop and to share useful articles about internet marketing. But... As I can see now, I have a little trouble. I have no structure in both of my blogs and thats why I do not write regularly.
It was like a gift yesterday, when i found this useful article about blog organizing on Handmadeology. I'll try and do my best and I think my blogs will have daily posts in nearest future.

MicheleMaule WRITE SOMETHING Locket Magnetic Necklace by Polarity

Now when I have my pre plan i start with it today. Every Wednesday I'm going to write and share useful information about quality blog writing. I hope I'm gonna make it.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New brooches for spring

Oh, it is spring, at last! Congratulations!
I'd like to present my new spring brooches, the idea for them came while I was drawing with my kids. I call them ''Elephant hiding'' both in spring mood :)

More to come..