Saturday, January 22, 2011

Preparing for new doll

Finally I can sit down and write, because past few days just I just lay in bed and fight with flu. Feel better today and can write you something.
I've made a promise in the beginning of this year, that I'll write more often to both of my blogs, create more, spend less time on computer. I can tell, that last part of promise I've kept quite well, but others... I'll try to do my best and start today.
And I know where to start. I have an idea about  my new doll St Apollonia. She is a patroness of dentistry and it will be a pleasure for me to create her as a gift for our family friend and also our dentist.
This picture is my inspiration, I hope after few weeks or little bit more time, I'll be able to show you my St Apollonia

Sunday, January 16, 2011

And the winner is...! I can not believe it - I won! Couple of weeks ago on Etsy I red about great artist Flor Panichelli. She's running Etsy shop Sweetbestiary and in her blog she held Giveaway in which I accidentally participated. And beautiful bunny brooch is coming to my home.
I am very happy I really didn't expect that.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Art doll Flower girl/Gėlių mergaitė

My new art doll, created last year, but during the Holidays I just forgot to post about her. So here she is - Flower girl. While looking at her I  can smell the very beginning of spring, when first flowers appear, but still there are piles of snow in the dark corners or under the trees.
She is tiny, 27 cm, made from Paper clay, wool, natural fabrics, acrylic paint and mood of spring.
She is available at my brand new Etsy shop

Mano nauja lėlė Gėlių mergaitė. Tarsi mažas priminimas, kad žiema baigsis ir pirmosios gėlės pasirodys jau tuoj tuoj.
Gėlių mergaitė yra 27cm aukščio, sukurta iš Paperclay, vilnos, medvilnės, akrilinių dažų ir pavasarinės nuotaikos.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New beginning/ Nauja pradžia

In new year I decided to separate my home and family blog from my creations blog. Also my creationss from now on goes under new name Pink House Creations. I like this name. In real life, we live in pink house, all my creations are born here.
My creations mostly comes from my children. From reading, playing or just being with them. Ideas come from every day life, from every special day we live.
I hope you'll enjoy here. I hope, new beginning will be successful for me.

Nauji metai - nauja pradžia. Šiemet nusprendžiau atskirti savo namų-šeimos ir kūrinių blogus. Taip pat visa mano kuryba turės naują vardą Pink House Creations. mes tikrai gyvename rožiniame name, mano visi kūriniai gimsta čia, todėl šis pavadinimas atėjo labai natūraliai ir jis man labai patinka :)
Mano didieji įkvėpėjai - mano vaikai, o man naujos idėjos kyla kiekvieną dieną dirbant įprastus darbus, nes man kiekviena diena ypatinga.
Aš tikiuosi, kad Jums čia patiks, tikiuosi, kad nauja pradžia man bus sėkminga.