Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Improving my blog

I am a blogger about 6 years now. First I had a blog where I wrote about my everyday life, troubles in finding real love, university, etc. Then there was a short break and I started my home and family blog Namie it means At home. I like to write about my children, house improvement, dog and cat, garden and so on. And this January  I've decided to separate my creations, dolls, and other little things and to write about them more often. Also I'd like to write about how I'm running my ETSY shop and to share useful articles about internet marketing. But... As I can see now, I have a little trouble. I have no structure in both of my blogs and thats why I do not write regularly.
It was like a gift yesterday, when i found this useful article about blog organizing on Handmadeology. I'll try and do my best and I think my blogs will have daily posts in nearest future.

MicheleMaule WRITE SOMETHING Locket Magnetic Necklace by Polarity

Now when I have my pre plan i start with it today. Every Wednesday I'm going to write and share useful information about quality blog writing. I hope I'm gonna make it.


  1. My little locket is so proud to have found a place in your wonderful blog Sige- thank you!

    xo- Cat :)

  2. Thank you, Catherine. My blog is proud, because your locket is here!