Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reusing old fabrics and upcycling

To begin with I 'd like to tell you, how once, when I was new in all crafts and creations I was buying a sewing machine. Being  chatty kind of person I like to talk to people everywhere I can and about everything. So, when I was buying sewing machine, we talked with owner of the shop about creating things. And she told me, that quality crafts only can be made from new materials, because you can't make nice stuff from old skirt.
Oh my, how long I believed in what she said! Until I started my friendship with art dolls. For dolls dressing I use fabrics in small patterns. Interesting materials and lots of them I find in second hand stores or in my children wardrobe. Have you ever noticed how beautiful little girls dresses are!
For example a lot of various fabrics I used in my art doll Mew
If you are interested I can tell you that for her I used fabrics from skirt, three blouses, shawl. Of course I used new materials too, but in my opinion a lot of charm and spirit of doll comes from those used things I use for them. Old silk ties suits very well too.
When I started this post (early in the morning, actually. And now it's afternoon) I decided to go deeper and to read about upcycling. Wikipedia has very interesting article called Upcycling. And of course you can go to Etsy and look there for upcycled items. For me it's getting more and more interesting, I'll look for some more information about this, because i feel that this theme is very interesting for me.

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