Sunday, March 20, 2011

Craft space real view

This Sunday I'd like to share some links, from other blogs and some photos too. Have you ever thought about your work space and how it influence your work? I did. I always wondered how those creative persons who has such wonderful creative spaces work?? Do they put things in their places immediately after doing something with it? Or they clean up just for photo-shoot? I don't know. But I like to watch those beautiful work corners or even work rooms, where everything has it's place. I know, my lovely husband would like my all items being in their places, but...
Lara, from kirin notebook shared her thoughts about contrasts what you see in  photos and how it is in real life. After reading this, I found, that other bloggers shared their minds and photos of their creative spaces. In Pocket carnival you can read about and see their real studio. And Dolls and daydreams shared their studio photos.
These posts was real inspiration for me. You know, I do have work room, as they call it, but it is connected with our living room and I can't shut the door to be in my mess... Although I do not keep it clean and my work table is always in mess, because I'm always creating something and I really need all my stuff :) Take a look at my working space.

Elephants, paint, doll and yes, you are right - little tomatoes and cucumbers!
Share your craft space!

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