Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Finds

It's Sunday again, and I'd like to write about two wonderful creators. I found them couple of years ago and I adore their works since then. I'm amazed how creative they are, how many new forms they have found through the years I follow them.
First I woud like to tell about Maria aka Kjoo from Portugal. I found her amazing jewelry on her Flickr page. I remember my first impression , I was fascinated, just watched again and again, picture after picture. Also Maria has her Etsy shop kjoo on Etsy. Till now I love all tiny details, all original ideas and I wish all the best luck for this fabulous artist.

The second artist I'm presenting today is Laura aka Lupin from Bugs and Fishes by Lupin; this fabulous girl made me fall in love with bright colors and things from felt. I like her bright, original, sometimes funny designs and her attitude to tea. She has Etsy shop where you can find her felt brooches, headbands, masks and felt squares for your own projects. 

The day, when I decided to write about Lupin, I found that she has a giveaway in her blog, chek it out and participate, maybe you'll be the lucky one.  

I have to confess, I tried to make something like these creative girls, I even wear some of those items, but I know, that this is not my thing. What I know is that their success and creative way is a big inspiration for me.

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