Sunday, February 6, 2011

My Etsy Finds

I spend a lot of time surfing Etsy. Wonderful and most important - useful place, full of articles, lots of fabulous items, creators and inspiration. I think it would be a shame not to post some items, which I find on Etsy, in my blog. I hope it'll become tradition and I post my finds every week.
Today I begin from flying mobiles. I have few of them in my Etsy Favorites list, so today, I'll start from them.
First is this wonderful mobile called Seed from EdenLand. I found this item very inspirational in lots of ways.

I love all colorful bears from ememem, but Three Bear Feathery Mobile In Blue is fantastic! In my opinion, this is wonderful gift for a newborn, or even bigger kid. And I'd love to have one in my children's room.

One more item. One more flying mobile. It's Altered Art Leather Mobile Mini Air Balloon Summer Breeze from pushok1983. I think it would look great in our living room, I love texture of air balloon and this air balloon reminds me about summer, when we watch air balloons flying by our house.

I enjoyed while I wrote this entry and I really hope, that I'm going to write about my Etsy finds every week. 
Have a nice Sunday the sun is shining finally!


  1. There is something so magical about mobiles. I love the ones you are making.

  2. Well, these I posted are not mine, but I hope, some day I make something beautiful as they.